Today - Stone Town

Don’t miss out the opening of an immersive photo exhibition called “Today - Stone Town”, by Yann Macherez, thursday 7th March at 6 pm, at the Alliance française of Cape Town.

Today-Project is a humanist photo project that brings to light the beauty and diversity of our world by focusing on several cities, all around the planet.

During 24 hours, Yann Macherez devoted himself to the rhythm and movement of Stone Town, documenting its identity. An exhibition of 24 photos, one per hour, paired with the sound recorded during the capture, is showcased.

Behind the typical postcard, he discovered a hidden world that vibrates on a gentle multicultural frequency, 24 hours of a genuine adventure in the deep roots of this Indian Ocean’s jewel.

A talk is going to be held and will focus on a challenge that face many cities throughout the world: How to preserve your identity while adapting to this fast growing society? Some local experts will talk about their experience and share their conception of heritage conservation.

This exhibition will be on until the 29 of March.

If you want to know more about Today-Project:

*** Photos on display and for sale throughout the month of March ***