The Proficient user level covers 2 levels: C1 and C+

At C1 level, learners can express themselves fluently and spontaneously, use a wide vocabulary, and can choose appropriate expressions to introduce their comments.

At C+ level, the user's proficiency in the langage is illustrated by precision, appropriateness and fluency of expression.

The Regular course offers the best option for a smooth, gradual learning process, assuring a balanced approach between communication skills, cultural elements and grammar.

All four language skills (oral comprehension, oral expression, written comprehension and written expression) are broached following a well balanced progression.

  • Course Details

    Intensity: 2x2 hours or 2x1h30 per
    week (mornings and evenings)
    Duration: Each session lasts 13 weeks. You will go through all the modules in 12 sessions.
    Levels: C1.1, C+
    Location: Alliance Francaise of Johannesburg
    Materials: SAISON from the Editors Didier
  • Course Content

    To discover your course content, please select your relevant level below:

    • Level C1.1
    • Level C1+
  • Session Dates


    Session 1: 28 Jan to 11 May 2019
    Session 2: 20 May to 24 Aug 2019
    Session 3: 2 Sep to 7 Dec 2019

Course Timetable

Adult Basic User Day Time Location Duration Start End
C1.1 Saturday 08:00 - 11:00 Parkview 40 hours 1/2/19 11/5/19



18:00 - 20:00

09:30 - 11:30



50 hours

50 hours