The Alliance Française teachers represent diversity. They all share their passion for the French language, which is either a mother tongue to them or their language of education. However they got hooked on the language, they love it and love sharing it with people. 

Our teachers are qualified teachers, either holders of Masters in teaching French as a Foreign Language or trained through various programmes implemented through the Embassy of France in South Africa and training centres in France. We even have teachers who are accredited trainers of trainers and who deliver teacher trainings in schools and universities, in the whole of Southern Africa. Our teachers are never alone and can benefit from the skills of those trainers of trainers on a daily basis.

Most of our teachers are also accredited assessors, either of the DELF exams or of the TEF and TEFAQ exams. Some of our teachers have worked or work for French Departments in South African universities as lecturers or as external examiners.


Meet our teachers!


French Teacher

My name is Sophie. I am the new teacher at the Alliance Française. I arrived in Port Elizabeth from France in August and I love chocolate.

How did you become a French Teacher?
I did my master degree in Education. Then I went to China to work as a French Teacher. It was a real discovery for me but it was really great so I keep going this way. I stayed for 2 years in China. Then I worked 6 months in a university in Lyon, in France, 6 months in the US and a little time in La Rochelle, in France, before coming here.

According to you, why should people learn French?
French is a beautiful language. The opportunities are important whether it is for business or for your own pleasure as for traveling. French is not only spoken in France but also in Canada and in a lot of countries in Africa. Also, it is the perfect way to discover a new culture and French Culture, especially French History is cool.

What advise would you give to someone who wants to learn French:
Come to the Alliance Française! Learning a language is difficult but after you move on to a certain level, you can listen to music, watch movies and travel aka the best way to learn.

Would you recommend the Alliance Française and why?
Yes, totally. There is a good atmosphere, good teachers, some even French native teachers. It is a very central and cool place in Port Elizabeth. Also, they offer a lot of events. It's a small community, so join the community!




French Teacher

My name is David. I am Angolan but I grew up in the Congo, where French is one of the national language.

In 2001 I came in PE and I decided to join the Alliance Française to improve my French.

In 2006, I decided to test my French's level and I got my C1 diploma. From there, the Director invited me to give a hand as a teacher and I started to teach French until today.


What is it like to teach French in Port Elizabeth?
It is quite a challenge. You need a lot of patience as a teacher because South African people don't like when it's getting difficult. *laughs*
Nonetheless, with experience, you get to know what students need and South African people love the French language.

Why do you think people should learn French?
The French language is a very important language.
Especially in Africa. Indeed, a lot of countries are French-speaking countries and have a lot of opportunities.
At an international level, French is really important, not as the most spoken language, but because it is used at a high level of administration, for example for the Olympics Games or at the United Nations
It is an opportunity that you should not miss, especially for young people.

What advise would you give to someone who wants to begin French?
First, go for it. Don't panic when you start. It might be difficult at the beginning but carry on. French looks like a difficult language but there will be a moment when you'll see that it will be going easier and easier.
When you do it correctly, there is no reason that you should not succeed.

Would you recommend the Alliance Française?
The Alliance Française of Port Elizabeth is the only place where you can get a full training from student to teacher.
The place is full of opportunities.
We also help people to get official diplomas. You can go to every place in the world and your diploma will still be valid.

I invite everyone to learn French at the Alliance Française. Top teachers are there whenever you need. We don't take it academically but as friends.
Come and join us!