Reinforcement Courses

French reinforcement lessons with Alliance Française teaches you how to speak like a French person.

An original programme to learn French and expand your knowledge of the language.

EVERY FRIDAY STARTING 20/07 – 15h30 to 16h30 | All levels – 1 hour per week

There are various packages to suit your needs, whether you prefer to develop your vocabulary, reinforce your basic grammar or just practice your pronunciation with the phonetic course.

You may choose which module you want to join or select all three to further improve your French.

Module A – Vocabulary: Develop your basic language skills.

  • Friday, July 20th - Food
  • Friday, July 27th - Menus
  • Friday, August 3rd - Ordering in a Restaurants

Module B – Grammar: Reinforce and develop your knowledge of French grammar. 

  • Friday, August 17th - Pronominal verbs and direct object pronouns like in « je me lève », « je t’aime», « je le regarde », « je la contacte », « je les admire », « je vous remercie »
  • Friday, August 24th - Indirect object pronouns like in « je lui téléphone » and « je leur offre un cadeau »
  • Friday, August 31st - Pronouns “en” and “y” like in « j’en achète souvent » and « j’y vais aujourd’hui »

Module C – Phonetics: Smooth your everyday expression.

  • Friday, September 7th - Vowels /ø/ like in “deux” and /ɛ/ like in “des”
  • Friday, September 14th - Vowels /u/ like in “doux” and /y/ like in “du”
  • Friday, September 21st - Activities to practise the four vowels

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