Translation and Interpretation

We provide French, English and Afrikaans translating services for a wide range of needs. A detailed description of your requirements will be needed.

For each linguistic combination, the rates applicable are the basic fees, including additional fees for the
difficulty and urgency of the request. Each fee pertains to the translation effected by an official
governmental and European institution.

  • Rate per word: R 1.25
  • Extra for the difficulty: According to the document, in particular, its difficulty and intricacy, the price per word will increase between R 0.13 and R 0.20.
  • Extra for urgent requests: According to the urgency of the request, the pricing increases between 20% and 50% per day.
  • Minimum package: R250 for 200 words. Documents that contain less than 200 words will be subject to the minimum package rate.

Please note that the Alliance Française is not allowed to do sworn translations. There are currently no sworn translators working in Port Elizabeth.

To discuss your needs or obtain a quotation for translation, please submit your documents to:
Mrs. Caro van der Voort
Fax : +27(0)41 3800
Tel.+27(0)41 585 7889

You may also submit them personally at our premises:
17 Mackay Street, Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth.