Alliance Francaise in Swaziland

Founded in 1986, the Alliance Française du Swaziland is the only cultural centre and language school in the country. The Alliance Française du Swaziland is a Franco-Swazi non-profit organisation.

The Alliance Française, has three missions, teach the French language, promote French and francophone culture as well as promote siSwati language and Swazi culture. Their scope is to facilitate cultural dialogue and growth of linguistic diversity.

Alliance Française du Swaziland is behind the greatest cultural successes of the country. AFS was the first partner of House on Fire and launched Bushfire. AF du Swaziland produced Bholoja’s first album, supported the Rooted Soulz, the Pelepele and gave Swazi film makers their first platform enabling the production of two fantastic short movies: Tipopolo and Painful Love.