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In 1883 eminent figures of the Art, the sciences, and politics, such as Jules Verne and Louis Pasteur, along with other illustrious visionaries, designed the structure for the Alliance Française to ensure the influence of French language and culture around the world. Nowadays, the Alliance Française network still promotes French language but also francophone as well as local cultures in a permanent and an enriching dialogue.

The success of this stand for cultural diversity, standing as an alternative to the downside of a uniform globalization, translates into an ever growing enrolment. Alliance Française chapters are opening worldwide (for instance in China and Russia) and student enrolment is growing at the rate of over 6% annually, showing the modernity and vitality of a concept which is young and centenarian at the same time.

The Fondation Alliance Française

The Fondation Alliance Française is the moral and legal reference for Alliances Françaises. To be formed, an Alliance needs recognition from the Fondation through an approval of its statutes. The Fondation Alliance Française is a recognized public body. It was created in July 2007 and became separate from the Alliance Française of Paris. For more information:

Delegation Generale des Alliance Française in Southern Africa

The Délégation générale represents the Fondation Alliance Française in Southern Africa. It is responsible for upholding the principles of good governance and quality approach that account for the Alliance Française brand worldwide. It provides advice to AF directors and board of directors on legal matters. It is through the Délégation générale that new Alliances Françaises are created. The Délégué general evaluates the detailed proposals before they are transferred to Paris.

The Délégation générale is in charge of leading the network of the Alliance Française branches, offering training, encouraging exchange, sharing skills, organizing and coordinating projects related to cultural exchanges and communication.

The General Delegation is based at the Alliance Française of Johannesburg.

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